We are looking for a tastemaker, an influencer, a connector, an advocate, an ambassador for all things local and unique to your city. We are seeking the ultimate insider to join our team of owners, and our movement to support the people who enhance our communities. 

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“I love representing Cincinnati and being an advocate or the city not only its history and growth, and driving a lot of the momentum that is happening in the city. There’s a lot of really fun events and things going on but I love really building a community of Scout Guide members and helping them all build together, so that’s been probably my favorite part is getting to know people and connecting them so being a really a connector in the city and getting to just really be involved.”

—McKenna Brooks, Owner of The Scout Guide Cincinnati, OH

“As a new editor, my favorite piece about it [being an editor] is watching the businesses collaborate together. I mean, I am at the point where I’m doing creative meetings and photo shoots, so it’s impactful to watch some of the members get together and and sometimes they stay after in our meetings and actually collaborate with other businesses.”

Stacey Goltermann, Owner of The Scout Guide St. Louis, MO

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We celebrate the faces behind the places and products that we love; value craftsmanship; and seek out the authentic, unique, and genuine. We connect people with makers, experts, and each other.

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We are a collection of city guides that highlights the premier artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs in more than 60 communities nationwide.

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For both locals and travelers alike, TSG provides inspiration and information for living beautifully, living well, and living like an insider—wherever you are. 

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