+ What is your franchise fee?

The TSG franchise fee is $50,000.

+ What is the royalty fee?

The TSG royalty fee is 10% of total rate card sales per Guide, not less than $16,000 per Guide.

+ What is the initial start-up cost?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a new Scout Guide business ranges from $52,000 to $62,000. This includes the $50,000 franchise fee.

+ Does TSG provide financing?

Neither we nor any of our affiliates currently offer direct or indirect financing.

+ How much can I expect to make from my TSG franchise?

Franchise regulation prevents us from making any representations about your financial performance. However, we are happy to connect serious candidates with some current TSG franchisees who can help to answer any questions you might have. Also, our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) does have some financial information and we would be happy to share it with serious candidates.

+ May I have a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document?

Yes, TSG is happy to share a copy of its FDD with serious franchise candidates after the candidate signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please fill out our online form and our Franchise Development Manager will reach out to help you get started with the process.

+ How long is the initial term?

The initial term is 5 years, with 2-year renewal periods thereafter.

+ Can I sell my franchise before my term has expired?

Yes. As long as you are fulfilling your Editor responsibilities, including but not limited to producing an annual guide and supporting your clients, you can certainly sell your franchise to another Editor. TSG must approve of the new Editor.

+ I’m not ready to apply yet, but I would like to learn more. What do I do?

Get in touch! We understand buying a franchise and investing in a business is a big commitment, and you are just starting to do your homework. Once you fill out our form, our Franchise Development Manager will have you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and then send you some more information on the franchise model, the costs, and the Editor role. We’ll schedule a call to learn more about you and tell you more, and then we’ll go from there!

+ Do you provide marketing support?

In addition to access to our graphic design services throughout the year, we do allocate a quarterly marketing fund for which franchisees can submit applications. In the past, quarterly marketing funds have gone toward local networking events, cross-promotional events between franchisees, and training events to educate clients on social media, branding, etc.

+ Do I need an office space?

No. In fact, most franchisees work from home.

+ How much of a time commitment is becoming an Editor?

It is a flexible, full-time position. You set your own hours and manage yourself against your own deadlines. You may find that certain parts of the job may be more time-consuming than others (e.g. sales vs. photography vs. production).

+ Does TSG provide training?

Yes. From a dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the process to content-specific training calls covering sales, business planning, photography, production, and more, you will receive ongoing support from our HQ team. Read more about our training and support here.

+ Does TSG have protected territories?

Yes. You receive a protected territory by signing the Franchise Agreement. The determination of the size and dimensions of the territory is based upon the geographic region, population of the target demographic, median household income, etc. You will work with our Franchise Development Manager to confirm the territory as you go through the process of purchasing the franchise.

+ Do I need sales experience to be an Editor?

Sales experience is not required, but it is highly encouraged. Without formal sales experience, a history of community involvement and a well-fostered local network are considered comparable qualities that make a successful Editor.

+ How do I know what to charge clients?

TSG has a recommended rate card, but franchisees can set their own rates. You will work closely with your Account Manager to set a rate card for your market, keeping local competition and your financial goals in mind.

+ Can I have a partner?

Yes. If you are interested in pursuing the TSG franchise with a partner, please have your partner apply for the franchise as well, as both parties will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to move forward with the discovery process.

+ Can I own multi-units of the TSG franchise (like in an adjacent city, for example)?

We do not offer first rights of refusal on territories. This is not a part of our system since our purpose is to work with a local Editor on the ground in each territory and to launch a Guide within the first year that the territory is licensed to a franchisee. However, we do have Editors who own multiple markets, and we have handled those on a case-by-case basis, considering the proximity of the markets, the amount of time a franchisee can spend in both markets, and if a franchisee intends to bring on an Assistant Editor to help fully execute the responsibilities of the role and uphold TSG’s brand commitment to the clients.

+ How long until I launch my first city guide after signing the Franchise Agreement?

Each city guide is published annually, and the launch time varies by market. However, you can generally expect to launch between 9-12 months after you sign.

+ What does TSG look for in a franchisee?

We look for someone who is a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit, and who isn’t afraid to work hard! Sales experience is a plus, but not required. Confidence, a history of community involvement, and an existing network all make for a great Editor. Our franchisees have a love for all things local; an elevated taste for style, travel, and décor; and a passion for telling the stories of the businesses in their town.

+ How is TSG different?

The Scout Guide Editor role is a lifestyle job—one that forces you to be out and about in your community, connecting people with one another in an effort to showcase the best your town has to offer and make your community stronger. You will constantly work with different types of businesses and business owners, and will be looked to for the insider scoop in your town—whether to guide a visitor for the weekend or a newly relocated family as they plant their roots. By investing in the TSG franchise, you become a small business owner just like the small business owners whom you’ll support, and your mission will be to bring everyone together and elevate one another through the lens of a beautifully and carefully crafted city guide. It is challenging, engaging, and above all rewarding! Learn more about our current franchisees and why they love their jobs here.